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Clockwork-Band does not book through an entertainment agency, so we can maintain direct communication and services with our clients and there is no additional agency fees. Clockwork-Band has worked with many well known agencies when their clients have asked for us.
One phone call can start the booking process. Call 717-880-0101 and ask for Melody who will provide you relevant, timely event and wedding planning assistance depending on your specific needs, not a one size fits all approach. Event planning forms and song selections are all done with Clockwork-Band.

Tell her all about your plans: the date, the hours and location of the event, and a little bit about your musical needs. Melody will then present you with available group options that fit your budget criteria and musical interests.

Or you can send an email to clockworkbandinpa@gmail.com
You can also Like us on Facebook. www.facebook.com/clockworkbandinpa

We want to thank all our fans and followers and all our future fans and followers. Email us at clockworkbandinpa@gmail.com to be placed in a drawing to win a TV